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Insurance for property owners

A buy to let property is a substantial investment that should be protected by a comprehensive landlords' insurance policy. Not only to protect your investment but also to protect you.

Foxdog has scoured the market and has teamed up with Alan Boswell Group to provide you with exceptional cover at affordable prices. We are confident with their levels of cover and service and are happy to highly recommend them to our clients.

Landlords Insurance has been designed to protect, not only your assets, but your liabilities and includes: 

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Buildings Insurance

Contents Insurance

Liability Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance

Rent Guarantee Insurance


Buildings Insurance

This element of landlord insurance ensures that the structure of your property is covered. From damage to the windows, to the roof, it’s designed to make sure you’re not left out of pocket if the worst happens.

Things to consider: Never be tempted to underinsure. Your policy WILL contain an ‘average’ clause meaning in the event of a claim you may receive less that the cost of repairs. Ensure your sums are up to date and use the rebuild value NOT market value.

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Contents Insurance

The level of cover is, obviously, determined by the extent of your furnishings. A fully furnished property will need considerably more cover than an unfurnished property which might only need cover for carpets, curtains and white goods.

Things to consider: A lot of policies will not include malicious damage by a tenant. Check with your broker in advance. Your tenants will need to insure their own contents separately.

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Liability Insurance

Comprehensive Liability Insurance is extremely important to protect you in the case of a serious injury, or even death, of a tenant or guest whilst on your property.

Things to consider: Liability claims have the possibility of large pay-outs. Liability insurance provides a limit of £5m as standard.

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Legal Expenses Insurance

It is essential for a landlord to keep control of their property at all times. Usually tenancy agreements run smoothly, but what can the landlord do if they have unexpected problems with a tenant? Landlords Legal Expenses insurance offers you the peace of mind if a tenant suddenly stops paying their rent, or refuses to vacate the property.

Things to consider: Some policies offer a 24hr helpline to give advice in the case of an emergency.

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Rent Guarantee Insurance

Upgrade your Legal Expenses cover with rent protection. This extension will pay you monthly rent during an eviction process until such time as the property has been vacated.

Things to consider: To be eligible for Rent Guarantee Insurance you must have references in place.

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Insurance for tenants

Tenants contents Insurance

Although there is no legal requirement for you as a tenant to have contents insurance, it is advisable to do so. Without it, you have no way to gain compensation for theft of or damage to your possessions. The level of cover is, obviously, determined by the extent and value of your possessions.

It is your responsibility to insure your own possessions kept at the property where you live, not the landlord’s responsibility.


Tenants liability insurance

There is no legal requirement to have this insurance as a tenant. However it could save you your deposit at the end of your tenancy. This insurance covers the cost of accidental damage that you may have inadvertently caused to the landlords property. This means that the damage can be repaired without you losing all or part of your deposit or having to pay for the damage directly. 

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